Welcome to Relay Trust

The Relay Trust is a UK based Charity organisation. In The Relay Trust, we are working with Christian formation and theological education on all levels of Christian ministry. Our vision and mission is to contribute to the formation and education of future church leaders in Africa through intensive training-programmes, which are adapted to the local needs and contexts of our associate churches. Through our training programmes, we wish to contribute to a positive transformation and enable the churches to carry on the Baton of Good News to the next generation.

The Relay Trust is primarily operating in hard-to-reach-areas of Africa, where churches are found struggling. Therefore, we are working from a holistic perspective to achieve our goals. While Christian formation and theological education of church-leaders remains our ultimate goal, we are working to setup self-sustainable solutions, to support the seminaries, and to equip the future church leaders with skills that will enable them to find sources of income.

In order to contextualize the training programmes and keep students in their local environments, where there may be few or no teachers available, we are using modern technology, e-learning systems, to carry the training programmes and various resources to the students. This is a way of guaranteeing that high quality training is made available in even the most remote areas of the African continent.

Since we are a new organisation, we are currently in the process of building up our organisational frame. Meanwhile we intend to begin our pilot projects in West Africa during 2018. It will be possible to follow our work on this web-page and receive our quarterly newsletter with updates on the progress. If you have a special interest in this work or wish to make a contribution to our work please feel free to contact us for further details.