Books & Technology
Written by Mette Bjergbæk Klausen

In the spring, we had the first of several meetings with a British based mission called Christian Books Worldwide (CBW). The name sort of gives it away. They collect and distribute Christian books for pastors and training institutions around the world.
It should be equally obvious, why they first caught our attention. Though the Mount Zion Retreat and Training Centre is still just a barren mountainside and a dream on paper, our team in Sierra Leone is doing all the preparations for this dream to come true, and the constructions begin early next year.

Building the content of the training which is going to take place, is just as time-consuming and is taking just as many careful considerations and prayers as the buildings housing it. Together with CBW, we are working on identifying and acquiring good books for both the physical library at the centre and a collection of e-books, participants can access through their mobile devices. There is so much literature out there, written for different purposes and with different audiences in mind. Finding the right materials that will build up, inspire, challenge in the right way and influence the lives of our future readers is paramount.

Likewise, the formation of the e-platform on which to access the books takes a lot of knowledge, creativity, and quite a bit of genius. If the platform is too difficult, uninspiring or contra intuitive to use, people will quickly give up – especially as the expected users are from oral cultures and thus not natural readers. We must make this as appealing, attractive and easily accessible as possible. And of course, the whole thing must work in an offline environment as well.

Two great tasks, with great potential significance, and we are happy to be able to join hands with CBW herein.