God's Unfailing Love

This course follows the Timothy Leadership Training (TLT) course, Loving Your Neighbour in the Corona Pandemic. This course may be used by a small group meeting physically or through WhatsApp. The ideal group size is between four and twelve people. It can also be used for personal studies.

Title: Gods Unfailing Love During Times of Suffering

Published: 2021

Author: Timothy Leadership Training Program and The Relay Trust

Languages: English, French and Spanish

Platforms: WhatsApp and email

Target group: This course is made for all adults

Duration: 3 weeks followed by a two-month personal action plan

Assignments: Weekly assignments with each session and an action plan

Qualification: All participants and coordinators receive a diploma upon completion

Resources: All sessions are available in both a video and PDF format. Participants and coordinators receive an instructional video on how to attend and lead training. Facilitators and coordinators are provided with an instructional manual

Completing this course will help you

  1. Recognise that God is present with you in difficult times.
  2. Understand God welcomes you and you can share your feelings with him.
  3. Identify stressful emotions in your life and find peace.
  4. Commit to ways of loving and forgiving one another.

Who is the course for?

This course is for anybody who desires to render assistance to his neighbours during a period of crisis, and is willing to start a small group in, or outside, their church.

Learning Path

Lesson 1

God’s Loving Presence
In this lesson we learn about the value of Human life. How through God’s lenses we can show to people they are valuable to us.

Lession 2

God Welcomes Us
In this lesson you will understand God welcomes us, and how we can share our feelings with Him. It will also help you identify stressful emotions in your life and find peace.

Lesson 3

God’s Love for others
In this lesson you will learn how to commit to ways of loving and forgiving others.

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