Loving your neighbour in the corona pandemic

Loving your neighbour in the corona pandemic


This Bible course have five sessions. The  course will help you respond to the coronavirus pandemic in a wise and loving way. Please note that this course does not provide complete training on prevention and response to the disease. Visit the WHO website for more information on the coronavirus and follow the instruction from the health authorities.

Title: Loving Your Neighbour in the Corona Pandemic.

Published: 2021.

Author: Timothy Leadership Training Centre and The Relay Trust.

Languages: English, French and Swahili.

Platforms: WhatsApp and email.

Target group: This course is made for all adults.

Duration: Six weeks followed by a two-month personal action plan.

Assignments: Weekly assignments with each session and an action plan.

Qualification: All participants and coordinators receive a diploma upon completion.

Resources: All sessions are available in both a video and PDF format. Participants and coordinators receive an instructional video on how to attend and lead training. Facilitators and coordinators are provided with an instructional manual.

Completing this course will help you

Respond to the Corona outbreak in a wise and loving way, how to take responsible action, and thus obtain greater disaster resilience in a time of crisis.

Who is the course for?

This course is for anybody who desires to render assistance to his neighbours during a period of crisis and willing to start a small group in or outside his church.

Are you ready to start?

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Learning Path

In this lesson we learn about the value of Human life. How through God’s lenses we can show to people they are valuable to us.

In this lesson we learn the different dangers to Human life, how God preserves us from dangers and how we keep ourselves and neighbours from danger.

Prevention, as we learned about last time in Lesson 3, is the best way to protect and care for others. In this lesson we start to dive into preventive measure we can observe against corona virus.

In this lesson we will learn ways to provide good response to others.

In this lesson, we are going to follow up on everything we have learned in the other lessons and discover more ways we can be Good Samaritans during this pandemic.