Mount Zion: EMI completed their project
Written by Alex Bjergbæk Klausen

In our previous newsletter we told you about the Mount Zion project, and how we have received support from engineers and architects through EMI World. In May they completed their part of the commitment and submitted a detailed project description with drawings, calculations, and suggestions. While we are very excited that we can now move into the next phase of our project, we are also sad to say goodbye to the team from EMI World. It has been a real joy working together with them – and we feel so privileged and blessed. Now we are going to begin the dialogue with our local contractors in Sierra Leone to give us a more detailed budget based on the project description. Hopefully, we will begin the construction proper early next year. Meanwhile, the Mount Zion will be hosted at temporary location inside Freetown.

In her most recent newsletter, Danielle Adams from EMI World wrote the following:
“It's bittersweet to close out our project this term- to invest heavily in something with our time and minds, and then wrap it all up as complete. We're all super pleased with how the Mount Zion project turned out, and it was such a blessing to send the drawings and report on to our ministry client! Our interns printed the final drawings, said goodbyes, and now have headed home. It was such a pleasure to work with them on this project, and I know we will all miss the regular phone calls with our ministry partners, Alex and Mette in Denmark! But now that these plans are in their hands, they can move forward with seeing their vision come to life- how sweet!”

You can read much more about EMI World on their website: