Our Christmas present to all of you: “Adama’s Dream”
Written by Alex Bjergbæk Klausen

Hi all,
Please join us as we celebrate the release of the short film: “Adama’s Dream”. The film is about a young Themne woman who encounters Jesus in a dream, but it also is a window to explore village life in Sierra Leone with all the drama and challenges that involves.

The film was shot during 6 weeks in Sierra Leone in October/November 2018 by an international team with members from four different continents. Create International is behind the production, but they always serve in partnership with local organisations/churches. Relay Trust has been deeply involved in the production from start to end, both with manpower and finances. Alex served as co-producer and Issa was part of coordinating the recordings and keeping things structured during the actual production.

The postproduction has taken quite a long time to complete, because of delays with the animated sections, which were produced in Taiwan. However, the final project was well worth the effort and wait. Now we are excited to finally release the film in three different tribal languages: Themne, Mende and Krio. The film is originally produced for the Themne language group, which includes more than one million people and is considered among the least reached language groups in the world.

In 2021, we expect to release both a French version and an African-English version, so we can use the film in other countries in Africa. We also intend to develop teaching materials based on the film, so churches can use the resources for evangelism and church-based training.

You can watch or download the film for free on this website here

Join us in prayer, as we pray for the release of Adama’s Dream in Sierra Leone and beyond. Pray that the film may touch many hearts and inspire more people to turn to Christ. Pray for those who have been involved in the project, that they may feel inspired to continue to produce films for the least reached language groups around the world.

We are wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year 2021. Thank you for your support and prayers throughout this year!
God bless!

The entire Relay Trust Team