Our Story

We Foster Quality Education

The training initiatives offered are designed in close collaboration with local churches and institutions in order to fit their specific needs.

The Beginnings

Before Relay Trust was established as a charity the chairman of the trust, Mr. Neil Smith, supported various activities in Africa and beyond. Some of these activities are now part of Relay Trust. Already from our outset we were engaged in activities in 6 different African countries: DR Congo, Tanzania, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. These links are still part of Relay Trust.

February 2018

In February 2018 Relay Trust DK was established as a Danish branch of the trust. The Danish branch has been setup as an association with a board and activities that are closely related to the activities of the UK Charity.

Today Relay Trust has five employees and many volunteers. We have established links with a number of organisations and churches across the world. Even though we have strong relations to Anglican churches worldwide we are open to work with any church or denomination that shares our vision and mission.