Presentation of the logo "the Well"
Written by Issa Maguey

It is done!
We successfully completed the design process of our offline content sharing device. It took us close to ten months to have the logo to its final state.

It all began when we offered the job to our (then) intern Aubrey. Alex knew her from Sierra Leone and found her with great design skills. Issa and Alex talked about having her as a Relay Trust intern under the supervision of Issa. Issa and Alex both had a zoom meeting with Aubrey, and she was assigned the task of developing our Online Well logo.

Aubrey, as we expected, came up with amazing ideas, just as we wanted - a logo with organic forms. Through Issa, Aubrey received inputs for her work until she had no more time to offer. Issa continued the process, and with the help and inputs from Relay staff, he designed the logo we have today.

It all started with the idea we all loved: A drop of water combined with the WiFi symbol (Aubrey’s original idea). That idea was taken further by Issa and became a combination of many different water drops with WiFi symbol, organic text form, drop of water and river (stream of water) that looks like a double-U (W) shape.
Ideas were coming from different angles. It became more and more difficult to incorporate everyone’s representation of the logo. Despite it all, Issa had the brilliant idea to consider everyone's view, and merge them all into one single idea of what the logo should be. This time, it was a drop of water with a reflection. From this point, something was missing. The WiFi symbol. The Well is an offline content sharing product. Something in the logo must reflect that. Issa then added to the drop of water and reflection a WiFi symbol underneath. This WiFi symbol also represents the ripple effect. Everyone loved this new look, except for a few people, who thought the shape of the water was not perfect enough. A new shape was proposed: A tall water drop. This meant for Issa, a water drop in movement. Also, the shape of the WiFi (ripple effect) changed a bit.

The color of the logo was not really a problem to us, as the blue colour (proposed by Issa) already worked for this. We were just wondering, if we should have a shade of that colour or not. Propositions were made, and we ended up having a different shade of blue in the WIFI symbol and one single blue colour on the water drop.

Have you ever heard the story about the rich man who wanted to make the most amazing soup in the world?

He invited to his home all the best chefs and ordered them to work together and make him what he wanted: The most delicious soup there is in the world. The chefs worked day and night to discover what sort of ingredients this soup could have. As we can imagine, it was not easy for all of them to agree with each other. They nevertheless came up with a list of items and made the soup. When the rich man tasted the soup along with his guests, it was the worst soup ever.

In conclusion, it is not easy to incorporate one single item with many ideas. However, being able to single out what is best, is a skill we all must have. In this design process, we may have left some people unhappy or not, complacent or not, but that is life. We cannot satisfy everyone.