That you may have Life, and have it in Abundance - SEAN in Sierra Leone
Written by Mette Bjergbæk Klausen

On the 2nd of June, I received this good news:
“Hello dear beloved Brethren in the faith. Thank you for your prayers, support, and concerns. The Jui [area of Freetown, ed.] SEAN group members have finally been able to complete their 18 lessons.”

It was from Daniel, one of the leaders trained to run group studies in the Abundant Life course by SEAN International, through an online course by Crosswired, that I had the pleasure of hosting in January. I wrote about this course in our previous newsletter, and here are the first fruits: five young men have completed the course under the capable guidance of Daniel.

The Abundant Life course, which the group leaders were taught to use, is guiding the participants through central elements in the Christian faith. Through Bible verses, the course inspires personal reflection, facilitates group discussions, and aids participants in how to put their discoveries into practice.

That the course has left its clear mark on the participants’ lives is clear from this update, which I got from Daniel in mid-May:
“The Lord has been faithful to us in different ways. Yesterday class was full of Testimonies from the students about how they feel they are growing through God’s Word to work in His vineyard.”

Two other groups are still running, while three others have faced challenges starting up, due to exams, accidents, and diseases. Please keep all group leaders in your prayers that they will be able to change more lives through this course.