Short Updates – April 2020
Written by Alex Bjergb├Žk Klausen

The Mount Zion

The Mount Zion project has now started. A project steering group was set up in early January. The members are responsible for leading the project and making the necessary decisions. The project steering committee consists of many competent people with different expertises. Several preliminary studies and investigations have been completed, so we now have an estimated budget for the entire project. This budget will be used as a guideline during the bidding process. The project steering committee has also entered into an agreement for the well drilling. Based on several surveys of the underground, it is estimated that there is approximately 80% probability of finding water in 70 meters` depth. If all goes well, we expect to begin the construction of Mount Zion by May 2020. It will take roughly 24 months to build the entire center. We will continue to give updates both in our newsletters and on our Facebook page.

The vicarage in Kangahun

In our previous newsletter we wrote that the Bo Diocese in Sierra Leone has received a donation of US$ 2000 from Skalborg Church to renovate the vicarage. Skalborg Church has been in a friendship relationship with the congregation in Kangahun for many years. Now activities are starting up after a long break due to the internal problems in the diocese. The money has been spent, and the result is a beautifully painted and newly renovated vicarage. The new pastor, Rev. Raymond Kenneh, has already moved in with his family, and we pray that they may settle well in the congregation and new environment. Once again, we want to express our gratitude to Skalborg Church for the generous donation.

The Well

During the past year we at Relay Trust have been working on product development of a small box that can be used to deliver electronic materials to people living in parts of the world, where the Internet is not easily accessible. The box is called “The Well” based on the story of Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman (Gospel of John 4, 1-30). We want to use The Well to support the teaching of future church leaders. A prototype will be ready very soon. But already now we can share some of the design. The Well is part of our overall strategy of incorporating mobile technology into the work of training church leaders in hard-to-reach areas of Africa.