Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
Written by Lars Gunnarsson

Steve Jobs [founder of Apple] saw an apple – their logo – as an ideal symbol for one of their slogans: „Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication“ (a quote made popular by Apple). He explained that the design of his favorite fruit is so simple, yet this fruit is so special.

Likewise, we hope to make the Online Well devices really simple to use. So the last two months I worked hard, so to speak behind the scenes on some „hidden“ sophisticated cloud service functions. As a result, now one click is enough to select a beautiful picture for a certain media item – automatically connecting to a picture library (Unsplash), offering free to use high quality illustrative pictures.

Try this principle yourself:
#1 go to
#2 type a keyword – I would suggest “Denmark“
#3 click on a picture you like

Illustrating simplicity (on the Online Well your selected picture would instead be automatically downloaded and installed – by this one single click – nothing more needed)