The Oxford Consulatation 2022

Monday 18th – Thursday 21st July

Conference update #1

Dear Bishop,There has been much interest in the Oxford 2022 Consultation since we announced this conference in August, and this is the first in a series of regular updates we shall be issuing as we prepare for this strategic event in association with the Evangelical Fellowship of the Anglican Communion (EFAC).This gathering is an initiative of Relay 200, a twenty-year program to enable and equip the two hundred most impoverished dioceses of the Anglican Communion to train catechists and evangelists. We are already hearing exciting stories of how grassroots ministry is being enabled. In the Diocese of Toliara, Madagascar, the church is growing rapidly with the number of churches doubling from 20 to 40 in less than 18 months, so training new leaders is essential and the diocese reports that, “Most of the Catechists are new Christians, they started to be Christians this year. So the training was done well as we were able to train them with the knowledge they needed to know at first. But it was also challenging. We distributed Bibles for them. It was for most of them, the first time to meet the Bible.”

We expect many stories of gospel enterprise and growth to be shared as we gather in Oxford and learn from each other about how God is growing his Church. There will also be the opportunity to learn more about how the Relay Trust can support dioceses through the construction of Training Centres, technology for digitally based learning and sharing our portfolio of training material.If you have not yet contacted us to register your interest in attending, please email us at As spaces are limited it may not be possible for everyone to be accommodated and invitations will be at the discretion of the Relay Trust.With warmest Christian greetings,Canon Charles Raven, Director of Relay 200

The 2022 Oxford Consultation is an opportunity for Anglican bishops and their spouses (whether attending the Lambeth Conference afterwards or not) to share together, discover new resources and find refreshment in the historic city of Oxford which has played such a central role in shaping the worldwide Anglican Communion. We shall be meeting in Oxford Town Hall with accommodation for all participants in a city centre hotel within a few minutes’ walking distance. There will be no charge for accommodation or conference fees and assistance is available for international travel for those bishops and spouses who are not attending the Lambeth Conference.