Statement of Purpose

The Relay Trust wants to see:

The true Gospel preached in word and deed all over Africa

Lives and communities transformed through the Word of God

Shepherds (both ordained and lay) trained to serve their churches and communities effectively

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Relay Trust is to facilitate leadership training for the Christian church through the provision of training content, strategic advice, and financial support for students, teachers, administration, and capital development.

The goal of this training will be to enable leaders to teach Christians how to live as disciples of Jesus through the daily challenges of life – birth, sickness, marriage, family, work, community, ageing and death.

The core skill in which these leaders will be trained is to explain discipleship through reading the Bible narratives, discerning their central meaning, and communicating this to those in their care.

The Relay Trust will emphasise training at the ‘grass-roots’ level, delivered within the community, using language and concepts appropriate to the context.

The Relay Trust will assist Anglican bishops to develop the administrative capacity of their dioceses to enable the delivery of this training in an orderly, long-term, and effective manner.

The geographic focus of the Relay Trust will be the regions covered by the 200 poorest Dioceses within the Anglican Communion. The denominational focus of the Charity will be the Provinces of the Anglican Communion that are linked to the Global South Fellowship of Anglicans (GSFA).  The Charity will aim to deliver 70% of expenditure on these areas and churches over the medium term.