Christian Formation

Relay Trust is focusing on Christian formation on all levels of church leadership. We want to lay a strong foundation in the individual Christians in order to shape their hearts, so they understand what it means to be a Christian and to follow God’s calling. It is important that Christians understand what it means to live a Christian life and how to be living testimonies to others. Christian formation is sometimes referred to as discipleship training.

Relay Trust is designing programmes that fit to the individual churches and their needs. We offer a bouquet of different training solutions and materials, some of which are developed by Relay Trust, while others are offered through our partnership with different organisations, such as SEAN International.

Training in Christian formation is done as group sessions combined with individual reflections and assignments. Relay Trust is offering training of group leaders, who can manage groups in the local churches/communities, so training can be offered even without the presence of Relay Trust.
Since Christian formation is focusing on our individual faith it is important to offer training in the local languages/dialects. Therefore, Relay Trust is working on oral translations that can help participants in the learning journey and encourage illiterates to be part of the training offered.