Role In Church

Relay Trust is focusing on the practical aspects of what it means to be a church leader. Curriculums are designed according to the intended output. What type of church leaders are needed? What are they expected to do?

Obviously church leaders are expected to preach the gospel, conduct pastoral counseling, practice mission/outreach in the local communities and beyond, establish peace within the congregation, and serve as a leader and role-model. But there are also many other expectations to church leaders. In our curriculums we are focusing on equipping church leaders to better handle these practical aspects. The practical aspects are rarely taught effectively on established institutions, where the focus is mainly on theological education. But all theology needs to be applied, otherwise it becomes fruitless.

The practical aspects of what it means to be a church leader can be offered as an in-service training of church leaders, who have already been trained, or it can be incorporated into an existing curriculum.

Relay Trust is helping conducting retreats for church leaders and prepare church leaders for the many practical aspects in ministry work.