Role In Community

Church leaders are expected to serve as role models in the local society, where they are serving. They are sometimes expected to know everything, and in times of crisis or need the local society will often address the church leaders for guidance and advise. A church leader needs more than just theological education to serve well. We want to add other practical elements that can help a church leader bring transformation to the local society. We are training church leaders in farming, advocacy, healthcare etc. so they can help improve the living conditions for the people/communities they are serving.

One of our main areas of focus is the principles behind Farming God’s Way, which is a sustainable and effective way of practicing farming. Using the Bible as a tool to improve farming is also a way to practice evangelism in remote areas. Farming God’s Way is an environmentally friendly way of practicing farming – a way which can empower farmers, who may have very few financial resources. It is a low investment with a high output, and it also serves as a protection of the surrounding nature.