Designing Curriculums Developing Courses Building Learning Communities Establishing Learning Infrastructure  Training Pastors

Designing Curriculums Developing Courses Building Learning Communities Establishing Learning Infrastructure Training Pastors

Designing Curriculums Developing Courses Building Learning 
  Establishing Learning 
Training Pastors

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South Sudan Fact finding visit

Out of a population of some 12 million, 5 million South Sudanese belong to the Episcopal Church of South Sudan (ECSS) which is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Since independence in 2011, South Sudan has suffered from a three-year civil war and endemic inter-communal violence along with frequent drought and flooding.

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Welcome to Dr Olubunmi Olayisade Head of Operations

Interestingly, Jesus at the start of His ministry said in Luke 4:18 (MSG), “… God’s Spirit is on me and has chosen me to share the good news with the poor….’ Why the poor? Probably because they are helpless, hopeless, oppressed, vulnerable and marginalised.

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Relay 200

Relay 200

Providing the bishops of the 200 most impoverished dioceses in the Anglican Communion with the capacity to train grassroots leaders