Daniel Visits Angola

In February 2023, Daniel Magagnin returned to Angola to continue developing the Relay Trust’s relationship with the dioceses in the country, which are part of the Anglican Province of IAMA. The main purpose of this visit was to discuss the current situation and particular needs of the Church in the country, in preparation for a provincial strategy of training for both Angola and Mozambique.

The visit started in Luanda, where Daniel had the opportunity to meet all Angolan bishops together, prior to visiting each of their dioceses. During this meeting a new training material was presented to the bishops, which could facilitate and expand the provision currently in place. That was received with much enthusiasm by the Angolan overseers, who reported an increasing demand for courses that teach Christians how to live as disciples of Jesus, through the daily challenges of life.

The first visit was to the Diocese of Divina Esperança, where Daniel attended a service at the Cathedral of Santo Estevão and then met with Bishop Joaquim Bondo and his team. Infrastructure projects were discussed and also an evangelistic programme for the province of Cuanza Sul. 

The next part of the itinerary was in Lubango, the base for the Missionary Diocese of Centro & Sul. Millions were killed and injured in Angola’s civil war; the infrastructure was shattered and the countryside laid to waste by minefields. Yet the conflict had the greatest effect on those living in the central and southern provinces and caused large displacements of people within Angola. According to a World Food Programme survey, 67% of Angolans were displaced at least once during their lifetimes. Daniel worked with Bishop Pedro Jamba and the diocesan staff, helping to develop a strategic plan to meet the short, medium and long-term needs of this challenging region. Four provinces within this diocese have no Anglican presence yet, so a detailed plan for mission and evangelism is being created, which the Relay Trust is committed to support.

The next part of the visit was to the Diocese of Cristo Rei, where Daniel was welcomed by Bishop Augusto Domingos and his team. The diocese has a high focus on theological training, providing courses at different levels, including higher education. Daniel met catechists, evangelists, as well as students and tutors from ISTAA (Anglican Theological Institute of Higher Education in Angola), discussing ways to make the training even more accessible in the region, through a partnership with the Relay Trust.

In the final part of the itinerary, Daniel returns to Luanda to meet Vicar-General Filomena Estevão – the leader of the Diocese of Bom Pastor since the retirement of Bishop André Soares, in December 2022. This was another productive meeting, in which our commitment to support the development of the diocese was reinforced. 

It is deeply encouraging to see the faithfulness and determination of our partners in Angola. This should be a fruitful year for the country and the province of IAMA as a whole, and we at the Relay Trust are delighted to be a part of that.

Daniel’s Visit to Angola (2023)