The Relay Trust has a vision of reaching remote pastors, possessing no instruction or resources other than a Bible. Without support or knowledge, these leaders faithfully try to serve their villages’ physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. For many areas around the world, this is a reality.

Established in 2016, The Relay Trust was founded to support church leaders with the resources, training, and support to enable them and their communities to grow and thrive in their Christian lives. What started as a vision for using technology to provide digitally enhanced training quickly evolved into a global network of partners, clients, and resources dedicated to transforming the training of grassroots levels across the church.

Two missionaries from Denmark, initially recognized the limitations of in-person training while working with lay-leaders in Sierra Leone from 2013-2016. The experience led them to explore the use of technology to provide more accessible training and support. The idea resonated with Australian businessman, Neil Smith, who established The Relay Trust  in August 2016.


Over the next two years, The Relay Trust team, built a network of partners across the world and discovered what methods, courses, and resources were being used by other ministries. They also began preparations to work in West Africa, setting up an office in Sierra Leone, establishing connections with clients and partners, and initiating the construction of Mount Zion, a new training and retreat center in Freetown.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic brought the most defining changes for The Relay Trust. As operations shut down across the world, the trust tripled its team and further developed its digital course structure, confirming the importance of digital training.  In 2021, the Relay Trust formed a separate engagement department, the Relay 200, to develop contacts across the 200 most in-need dioceses within the Anglican Communion.

In April 2023, The Relay Trust underwent significant changes to better focus on its mission of supporting church leaders and their communities in Africa. The Relay 200 component of the Trust has proven to be incredibly impactful and has become its enduring element. To allow the Relay Trust to have more direct focus and impact with partner churches, the content production and system development elements of the trust have separated to form DECIBEL Training.

Now, The Relay Trust seeks to continue partnering with church partners across the 200 most in need dioceses in the Anglican Communion to transform the training of grassroots levels across the church. Their goal is to enable the transformation of people and their communities through growing discipleship of Jesus and preaching the gospel in word and deed all over Africa. Through their efforts, lives and communities are being transformed through the word of God, and pastors are being trained to serve their churches and communities more effectively.

The Relay Trust’s renewed focus on its core mission highlights its commitment to empowering church leaders and supporting their communities. As they move forward, their impact on the African church community will continue to grow, bringing hope and transformation to countless individuals and communities.