Where to find us

The Relay Trust is a diverse global team consisting of members who are experts in a range of areas such as theology, project management, logistics, and risk management. Our team is united by a shared passion for Christ and a commitment to the global mission, without being limited by geography, culture, or denomination.

Through daily coordination on online platforms, we work collaboratively in a multi-lingual and multi-cultural environment, proving that building a strong team spirit is possible even when separated by distance and time zones. Our diverse team challenges us to think creatively about collaboration and infrastructure building.

Located in the heart of historic Oxford at 52 St Giles, The Relay Trust benefits from the proximity to other Christian ministries and the global education hub of Oxford, providing ample opportunities for networking and furthering our mission.

Our team collaboratively plans and delivers life-changing training to our partner churches in Africa and beyond. We utilize existing resources from partner organizations to provide culturally appropriate training that meets the needs of our partner churches and their congregations. Our vision is for our training to inspire, engage, and transform participants, leaving a lasting positive impact.

At The Relay Trust, we see ourselves as part of an ongoing relay race, receiving the baton from those before us and working to pass it on to the next generation of Christians. Our mission is to preach the Word of God everywhere and to provide the transformation needed in all our lives.