Mount Zion Training Centre


Mount Zion Training Centre is one of the Relay Trust’s most ambitious projects.  The aim of the project is to build and then establish the Internal Province of West Africa’s (IPWA) bilingual residential practical ministry Training Centre.

The Vision

Train, Equip, Empower

Mount Zion’s purpose is to train, equip and empower pastors in the practical skills to effectively lead their flocks, share the Gospel and teach others about living a life with Jesus at its heart.

Bilingual and Residential

Mount Zion’s bilingual (English and French) and residential structure is designed to welcome participants from across the Internal Province of West Africa (and beyond), allowing the cross fertilization of ideas and experiences, as well as strengthening the integration of the Province.

Mount Zion seeks to serve the IPWA in 3 ways

Retreat Centre.  It will act as a retreat centre with accommodation for short courses and pastoral retreats, effectively investing in the current clergy and lay people across the Province.

Training Centre.  It will also serve as a training centre for longer term residents, providing essential practical ministry training for new church leaders.

Coordinating Hub.  Finally it aims to be a co-ordinating hub to help facilitate the training of grassroots and church leaders across the IPWA through distance-learning courses.

The training is not confined to the classroom

Faculty and participants at Mount Zion live a monastic-inspired lifestyle, combining formal teaching with fellowship, contemplation, prayer and manual labour. 

This approach sets not only an example for the participants of how to live but helps shape their hearts as servant leaders.  

The Curriculum

Latest News about Mount Zion


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