Separated by Distance – United by One Mission 

Relay Trust is a global team with members who are qualified in many different areas such as theology, instructional design, graphic design, didactics, anthropology, project management, IT programming and more. We are not limited by geography, culture, or denomination, but we are bound together by a common passion for Christ and the global mission.

The Relay team works together in a multilingual and multicultural environment, where daily activities are coordinated through online platforms. We illustrate new way to do mission, proving that it is possible to build a strong team spirit even when separated by distance and several time zones. With colleagues scattered on three different continents, we are forced to think differently about how we collaborate and build our organisational infrastructure.  

The Relay Trust main office is located on the top floor of the Old Towns Hall (One St. Aldates) in the heart of historic Oxford. Oxford provides access to other Christian ministries and is a global hub for education, providing many opportunities to network and to further our mission  

The Relay team works collaboratively to design, produce and distribute training resources to various clients in Africa and beyond. We both adapt existing resources with other partner organizations and design new culturally appropriate materials. We envision training to be inspiring, engaging, and transformational, so that it leaves a lasting and positive mark on those who have participated.  

At Relay Trust, we see ourselves as part of an ongoing relay race. We have received the baton from others, who have carried it through centuries. Now we work to pass it on to the next generation of Christians, so the Word of God is preached everywhere and can provide the transformation needed in all our lives.