Inaugural Training Session At Mount Zion Training And Retreat Centre – Sierra Leone November 2023

20231120-R1-TheWell_Teaching (7)

During the recent opening celebrations at the Mount Zion Training and Retreat Centre in Sierra Leone, the inaugural training session took place.  Daniel Magagnin and Ella Marshall, our new Regional Relationship Management team for the Internal Province of West Africa (IPWA), led a comprehensive operator training session for Decibel Training’s new theological training multimedia device, ‘TheWell.’ Participants, from the dioceses across the IPWA including Guinea, Freetown, Bo, Liberia, and Cameroon, trained as basic Well operators and were given a Well device to take back to each of their dioceses.

TheWell is a device that allows offline study on mobile phones, which is important in so many areas of Africa, where there is either no phone signal or the people do not have enough funds to purchase airtime. It provides a versatile multimedia portal and structured learning platform to allow students to be given theological training and learning resources. Supported by a collaborative cloud infrastructure for training and device management.

This training session was of added significance as it took place within the walls of the newly established Mount Zion Training and Retreat Centre, which was formally blessed and inaugurated on Sunday, 12th  November, 2023. The centre serves as a training hub for the Internal Province of West Africa, offering practical ministry training, a tranquil retreat space, and coordination for distributed training initiatives.

We ask you to join us in collectively lifting up prayers for the new operators across the dioceses, that they may be equipped with wisdom and grace as they embark on using these devices to further disciples those in their dioceses. May the seeds of knowledge planted today blossom into a harvest of positive change across West Africa.

Furthermore, let our prayers envelop Mount Zion, asking for divine guidance and blessings for its future endeavours. May it stand as a beacon of hope and support in spreading the gospel, nurturing the spiritual growth of individuals, and fostering a community of faith across the Internal Province of West Africa.