The Internal Province of West Africa Synod in Guinea

Charles Raven and Doug Ingram recently had the pleasure of travelling to Conakry in Guinea to attend a weekend of celebration and business with the church of the Internal Province of West Africa.

The Anglican Province in West Africa is know as the Continuing Province of West Africa (CPWA). The CPWA comprises of of two Internal Provinces; the Internal Province of West Africa (IpWA) and the Internal Province of Ghana. The gathering was for the former.

The first event of the visit was a celebration of the 10 years of Consecration of Bishop Jacques Boston of Guinea, five years of Ordination of seven Priests, and the Ordination of two Deacons to the Priesthood.

The following day a Special Synod was held to Elect an Archbishop for the Province. Following two rounds of voting, Bishop Jacques Boston of Guinea was elected after a highly contested election between him and the Dean of IpWA Bishop DIBO ELANGO. The votes were 9 for Bishop Jacques Boston and 8 for Bishop DIBO ELANGO.

Finally on the Sunday there was a service of Confirmation.

It was also a wonderful opportunity for the Trust to spend time with all of the Bishops of the IpWA and their staff, celebrating the work that has been ongoing and also making new plans for the future, to ultimately further spread the Good News of Jesus further across Western Africa.