Timothy Leadership Training in Liberia – September 2023

20231003-R1-Junior Priests (9)

In September 2023, participants gathered at Cuttington University in Liberia to undertake the final module of the Timothy Leadership Training (TLT) basic certificate programme.  Coordinated by the Relay Trust and facilitated by Rev Moses Lincoln, this training empowered the attending pastors and lay leaders with the skills to guide families “From Harm to Harmony” (FHTH).

The FHTH module is the third and final component of the TLT basic certificate, focusing on equipping leaders to follow biblical teaching to support families in breaking away from violence and physical conflicts within their homes. With two groups consisting of 37 dedicated individuals, this training aimed to empower these participants with essential skills to address the crucial issue of family violence and promote peaceful coexistence within their communities.

The FHTH module achieves this through examining the biblical context for recognising harm, promoting family harmony, and providing strategies for overcoming violence and unfair treatment. The course draws from biblical teachings, such as honouring God’s image in others (Genesis 1:27) and using examples like Joseph and his brothers (Genesis 37:26-28) to illustrate these concepts. It also touches on sexual violence, addressing shame and secrets, and concludes by discussing biblical based approaches to resolving family violence and creating action plans for positive change and healing. Ultimately, it prepares participants with a biblical understanding to practically train others in their community, fostering growth, renewal, and service.

Rev Moses Lincoln, Director of Studies at the Mount Zion Training Centre in Sierra Leone, lent his expertise and dedication to the cause, traveling to Liberia for a two-week intensive training session. His commitment to imparting knowledge and skills has been instrumental in shaping the future of these leaders.

Sponsored and coordinated by the Relay Trust, this training session is part of a broader effort to extend the impact of TLT training across the six dioceses of the Internal Province of West Africa (IPWA). As part of this ongoing commitment, Rev Lincoln is scheduled to initiate training in the Gambia in October, further spreading the practical ministry skills offered by the TLT programme.

The Episcopal Church of Liberia, a valued partner of the Relay Trust, is the largest diocese within the IPWA and has four archdeaconries across the country.  Both pastors and lay readers from across these areas attended the training, and now they have completed the basic certificate, they are able to return to their parishes and start to cascade this training onwards into their communities.

Please pray for the participants of the TLT FHTH training in Liberia, that they may carry the knowledge and skills acquired into their communities and families, fostering a culture of harmony and peace.  Also please lift up Rev Moses Lincoln as he embarks on his training mission in the Gambia, that he may continue to be a beacon of knowledge and wisdom for aspiring leaders.  Please also pray for the continued partnership between the Relay Trust, the Episcopal Church of Liberia, and the broader church across the IPWA, that together more people will come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour.