TLT Graduation in Togo

For the last two years The Relay Trust has been supporting the Apostolic Church in Togo with grassroots training for their church.  The church has been conducting the Timothy Leadership Training Course.  The pastors and lay people in the program held a graduation ceremony on 12th August 2023.

The Timothy Leadership Training Programme is a practical ministry training programme developed by Raise Up Global.  The course consists of seven manuals, which are taught using an interactive approach, encouraging students to discuss the materials with each other.  The also use an action plan to help the students live out the learning during their lives and in the leadership of their churches.

While the graduation in Lome signals the end of the project relationship between the Relay Trust and the Apostolic Church in Togo, the facilitators trained will now start to multiply the training, by running more than 25 groups across Togo and potentially in neighbouring countries.  We ask you to pray for this evolving programme and that many more people will come to know Christ better through its discipleship.


The video below was the televised news report on the graduation ceremony.