TLT in Liberia

202305 TLT in Liberia Group 1

In July 2023, the Trust supported our partners in the Episcopal Church of Liberia (ECL) with grassroots training for their catechist and clergy.  Two groups, totalling 40 students, travelled across the country to Cuttington University to conduct the second of seven modules of the Timothy Leadership Training Program.  

Rev Moses Lincoln, a former employee of the Relay Trust and the current Director of Studies at the Mount Zion Training Centre in Freetown Sierra Leone, led the training.

The Episcopal Church of Liberia (ECL) is one of the six dioceses of the Internal Province of West Africa (IPWA).  Unlike the churches in Guinea and Sierra Leone, which were established by the Church Mission Society (CMS) and the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (SPG), the church in Liberia was planted by The Episcopal Church (TEC) from the United States.  The church is broken into four archdeaconries and in terms of parishes is the largest church in the IPWA with over 100.


The Relay Trust is working with the ECL to try and support the church in discipleship training across its archdeaconries, and the plan is for those attending the training to become facilitators in their own right, enabling practical ministry training and basic discipleship across Liberia.

Please pray for the ECL, the training that is taking place within the country, and for the true Gospel to be taught and understood throughout the country.