Empowering Ministry: Rooted in Jesus Training in DR Congo


In October, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)’s eastern regions, the Relay Trust supported the Diocese of Bukavu in running a series of “Rooted in Jesus” grassroots ministry training conferences. This partnership aimed to empower clergy and lay leaders within the Diocese of Bukavu, enabling them to become facilitators who could, in turn, train their congregants. 

The DRC, a vast nation with 13 Anglican Dioceses, presents several challenges to the spread of the Gospel and the delivery of discipleship training. The Diocese of Bukavu, situated in the east, spans over 65,000 square kilometres, it supports more than 56,000 church members with the help of 118 clergy and 539 catechists and evangelists. 

The Rooted in Jesus programme is delivered by the Mathetes Trust.  It is distinguished by its interactive, oral, and practical methodology, specifically designed for an African audience, focusing on developing new disciples across literacy levels and conducted in the participants’ heart language. 

In Bukavu, the Rooted in Jesus team led a conference that saw 100 clergy in attendance, held in a parish church that was filled to capacity.  Bishop Bahati highlighted the significance of this event, noting it was the diocese’s first gathering of this scale in five years, marking it as a momentous and celebratory occasion. Despite initial hesitations, the clergy adapted to the program’s teaching methods, which included discussion and drama illustrations. 

The subsequent conference in Uvira witnessed similar enthusiasm from both clergy and lay leaders. Despite challenges such as thunderstorms and flooding, St. Andrew’s church welcomed 100 participants, including 65 new trainees and 35 returning for a refresher. The resilience and dedication of the participants impressed the Rooted in Jesus team, who commended their “hearts of lions” and commitment to the program’s mission. 

The team expressed their gratitude for the hospitality shown by their hosts, appreciating the scenic lakeside accommodations and the care extended to ensure their safety. As the Relay Trust continues its mission, they request prayers for the Mathetes Trust and the continued success of the Rooted in Jesus training across Africa. Moreover, they seek prayers for the Anglican Church in the DRC, hoping it will serve as a beacon of peace, development, and God’s Kingdom advancement in the nation.