Empowering Ministry: Rooted in Jesus Training in DR Congo

In October, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)’s eastern regions, the Relay Trust supported the Diocese of Bukavu in running a series of “Rooted in Jesus” grassroots ministry training conferences. This partnership aimed to empower clergy and lay leaders within the Diocese of Bukavu, enabling them to become facilitators who could, in turn, train […]

Rooted in Jesus in Madgascar – October 2023

In October 2023, Chris Hyliger, our Regional Relationship Manager for the Anglican Province of the Indian Ocean, travelled to Madagascar as part of a team of facilitators for Rooted in Jesus, a grassroots training initiative.  Chris and the Rooted in Jesus team conducted two conferences in Madagascar, the first in Fianaratsoa and the second in […]

Rooted in Jesus in Zambesia – June 2023

Daniel Magagnin, the Relay Trust’s Regional Relationship Manager for Lusophone Africa, recently travelled to the Missionary Diocese of Zambezia, in Mozambique, to participate in the Rooted in Jesus training conference, organised by The Mathetes Trust and supported by the Relay Trust. Invited by Bishop Vicente Msosa, the team was thrilled to support the mission of […]