Supporting Theological Education and Empowerment in South Sudan

Doug Ingram, our COO, recently embarked on a visit to discuss the Episcopal Church of South Sudan’s progress and future plans for integrating grassroots training and supporting The Episcopal University (TEU).

During his visit, Doug met with Archbishop Justin Badi, the Primate of South Sudan, where he reaffirmed the Relay Trust’s commitment and collaboration. Archbishop Badi expressed profound gratitude for the assistance received and reiterated his ongoing support for the relationship between the Trust and the Church. Their discussions revolved around the integration of the Anglican Discipleship Program (ADP), Rooted in Jesus (RinJ), and SOMA, three powerful programs aimed at enhancing the theological training within the South Sudanese church.

Doug also engaged in fruitful discussions with Archbishops Yugusuk and Peni, as well as the dedicated ADP team, to delve into various aspects of the program’s implementation. The team had recently returned from Wau, where they had been rolling out the ADP to the Western Equatorial Internal Province.  The primary focus of the discussions were to do with the seamless integration of ADP with RinJ and SOMA.  The result was a consensus on the need for increased support and coordination among these impactful initiatives. Furthermore, the ADP team emphasized the successes and challenges of rolling out the program in the Central Equatoria Internal Province, underscoring the necessity for additional resources in remote areas due to travel difficulties and safety concerns.

The Episcopal University (TEU) was an essential stop on Doug’s visit. Together with the university’s representatives, he discussed their current activities and their future plans, particularly regarding infrastructure improvements. TEU is a strategically important institution, as its has and will continue to impact and contribute significantly to the church’s development. Doug also had the privilege of visiting the new compound where the law faculty will be housed, getting a first-hand look at the university’s expansion plans. Additionally, he had the opportunity to attend a thought-provoking lecture by Archbishop Badi on the revival of the church, underscoring the importance of theological training and spiritual growth.

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Doug’s visit to South Sudan shed light on the remarkable progress and persistent challenges faced in promoting theological education and church development. Through collaborative efforts, such as the integration of ADP, RinJ, and SOMA, and the support provided to TEU, the Relay Trust aims to make a tangible difference in the theological training of the church in South Sudan and its impact across the country.