Rooted in Jesus in Madgascar – October 2023

RinJ participants

In October 2023, Chris Hyliger, our Regional Relationship Manager for the Anglican Province of the Indian Ocean, travelled to Madagascar as part of a team of facilitators for Rooted in Jesus, a grassroots training initiative. 

Chris and the Rooted in Jesus team conducted two conferences in Madagascar, the first in Fianaratsoa and the second in Toliara. Each of these conferences spanned four days, with the primary goal of equipping clergy and catechists from various dioceses with the skills to become Rooted in Jesus Facilitators, enabling them to deliver this transformative training within their own parishes. 

Rooted in Jesus is a training course specifically designed for new believers and individuals with minimal prior instruction in the core principles of being a disciple of Jesus. What sets it apart from other training programmes supported by the Relay Trust is its focus on believers, rather than clergy or catechists, and the content is tailored to be taught in the heart language of the participants, eliminating language barriers. Moreover, it relies on oral teaching methods, bridging the gap for those with low literacy levels. 

While the training was profoundly impactful, it was not without its difficulties. A member of the team fell ill on the second day of the first conference, and another struggles with the same bug on day three. The translation of teaching from English to Malagasy posed an ongoing challenge throughout the training. Nevertheless, with the support of various individuals, including a young student, the team ensured that this life-changing training was a resounding success. 

During their brief break between conferences, the team visited a school to address a fundamental question asked by one of the children: “What do I have to do to have a relationship with Jesus?” This unexpected opportunity to spread the Gospel outlines the craving people have to know more about Jesus, and we thank God for the opportunities He put in the team’s path. 

As this powerful ministry continues to grow, we ask for your prayers and support. The next Rooted in Jesus team will be heading to the Nzara Diocese in South Sudan in November. Pray for their success and safety. We also request your prayers for the Mathetes Trust’s administration and the availability of suitable volunteers to meet the surging demand for training conferences. In addition, please keep the Anglican Province of the Indian Ocean in your prayers as they move towards developing a comprehensive training strategy for the entire Province.  Finally, remember the newly empowered Rooted in Jesus facilitators as they embark on their mission to deliver this transformative training within their parishes. Pray that the Holy Spirit guides their ministries and multiplies their efforts, leading more people in Madagascar to embrace Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.